Self-Help Center

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The Self-Help Center is available to help people who do not have an attorney and who plan to represent themselves in court.  The Center can provide instructions on how to complete court forms, how to file the forms with the court, how to properly serve the other side, and how to get your case to a judgment or court order.

The Self-Help Center does not provide legal advice or provide legal representation.  The attorney at the Self-Help Center is not your lawyer, but is a neutral person who does not represent any party to the court case.  THERE IS NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND ANY PERSON AT THE SELF-HELP CENTER.  AS A RESULT, THERE IS NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY.  This means that communications between you and the Self-Help Center attorney or staff are not confidential and the Self-Help Center may provide information and services to the other party in your case.  

As a party to a court case without an attorney, you are responsible for knowing the law as well as an attorney handling the same type of case.  Your responsibilities include performing legal research to determine which law(s) apply to your case, whether you have sufficient facts to bring a matter before the court, whether certain exceptions apply to your case, and what your remedies under the law may be.  THE SELF-HELP CENTER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OUTCOME OF YOUR CASE.  If you have questions regarding all of your legal options/exceptions/remedies, the Self-Help Center strongly recommends that you seek the advice of an attorney.  The Self-Help Center can provide you with a list of local attorneys.