Self-Help Center


    Detailed information on how to complete the forms, copies needed, filing the documents at the court and arranging for service on the proposed restrained person.  Download or print out the forms by order of reference in the instructions.

Sheriff Instructions:

Sheriff Instructions.doc

Child Custody Mediation Information:

Mediation Instructions.doc

Court-Approved Mediators.doc

​On-Line Pre-Mediation Video At: (go to the on-line address and then click on the video for Orientation to Family Court Mediation)

​Community Agencies That May Be Able To Help You:

Wild Iris - 150 N. Main St., Bishop, CA  93514
       760-873-6601; 760-934-2491

Victim Witness - 230 West Line St., Bishop, CA  93514,  760-873-6657

​R.A.V.E. - 2490 B Diaz Lane, Bishop, CA  93514,  760-873-9018