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Stipulation For Child Custody & Visitation

Independence Court

Bishop Court

Respond to Requests for Orders - No Judgment:

Respond to Request for Order- No Children:

  1. Everything
  2. Spousal Support
  3. Property Control, Payment Of Debts/Liens

Respond to Request for Order- Children:

  1. Everything
  2. Custody & Visitation
  3. Custody, Visitation & Child Support

​​​​Respond To A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Or Legal Separation:​​

INDEPENDENCE COURT (Petition was filed at the Independence Court):

Respond-Divorce/Legal Separation- No ​Children

Respond-Divorce/Legal Separation- Children

BISHOP COURT (Petition was filed at the Bishop Court):

Respond-Divorce/Legal Separation- No Children

Respond-Divorce/Legal Separation- Children

Appear By Telephone For Status Conference​​

Independence Court

Bishop Court

Requests For Emergency Temporary Orders: 

  1. Child Custody & Visitation
  2. Property Control, Payment Of Debts

​​Start A Divorce Or Legal Separation:

FILE AT INDEPENDENCE COURT (all hearings will be in Independence):

Divorce/Legal Separation- No Children

Divorce/Legal Separation- Children ​​

FILE AT BISHOP COURT (all hearings will be in Bishop):  

Divorce/Legal Separation- No Children

Divorce/Legal Separation- Children