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​Detailed information on how to complete the forms, copies needed, and filing the documents at the court.  Download or print out the forms by order of reference in the instructions.​

Forms To Complete A Stipulated Judgment.  First, more than 35 days [45 days if your spouse was served outside California] have passed since you had your spouse served with the Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Or Legal Separation.  Second,  your spouse HAS filed a Response And Request For Dissolution Of Marriage or Legal Separation.  Third, you and your spouse have agreed on the terms for your Judgment.  If yes to all three conditions, then complete the following forms:

Appearance, Stipulation & Waiver-FL-130.pdf

Decl for Default or Uncontested Judgment-FL-170.pdf



Decl Re Service of Decl of Discl-FL-141-Petitioner's.pdf

Decl Re Service of Decl of Discl-FL-141-Respondent's.pdf

Stipulation & Waiver of Final Disclosures-FL-144.pdf


Attachment MC-025-att 4.o.pdf

Stipulation for Custody & Visitation-FL-355.pdf

Child Custody & Visitation Order-FL-341.pdf

Attachment 7.e(4)-MC-025.pdf

Supervised Visitation Order-FL-341(A).pdf

Child Abduction Prevention Order-FL-341(B).pdf

Children's Holiday Schedule-FL-341(C).pdf

Physical Custody Attachment-FL-341(D).pdf

Legal Custody Attachment-FL-341(E).pdf

Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider-FL-324.pdf

Notice of Rights & Responsibilities-FL-192.pdf

Stipulation for Child Support-FL-350.pdf

Order-Notice to Withhold Income-FL-195.pdf

How to Complete Order to Withhold Income.pdf

Spousal Support Order-FL-343.pdf

Attachment-MC-025-att 3.e.pdf

Property Order-FL-345.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Community Assets.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Community Debts.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Separate Property.pdf

Notice of Entry of Judgment-FL-190.pdf