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    Detailed information on how to complete the forms, number of copies needed, and how to file the forms at the court.


Forms To Get A Default Judgment.  First,  more than 35 days [45 days if your spouse was served outside California] have passed since you had your spouse served with the Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Or Legal Separation.  Second, your spouse has NOT filed a Response And Request For Dissolution Of Marriage or Legal Separation.  If both conditions are met, then complete the following forms:

Request to Enter Default-FL-165.pdf

Decl for Default or Uncontested Disso-FL-170.pdf

Property Declaration-FL-160.pdf

Property Declaration-Continuation-FL-161.pdf

Spousal or Partner Support Declaration Attachment-FL-157.pdf

Declaration Regarding Service of Disclosure Docs-FL-141.pdf

Income and Expense Declaration-FL-150.pdf


Spousal Support Order-FL-343.pdf

Attachment-MC-025-att 3.e.pdf

Property Order-FL-345.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Community Assets.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Community Debts.pdf

Property Order Attachment-Separate Property.pdf

Notice of Entry of Judgment-FL-190.pdf