Forms Needed To Request A Trial Date, Prepare For Trial And Get A Judgment For Divorce Or Legal Separation:

Declaration of Disclosure-FL-140.pdf

Separate Property Declaration-FL-160.pdf

Separate Property Declaration-Continued-FL-161.pdf

Community Property Declaration-FL-160.pdf

Community Property Declaration-Continued-FL-161.pdf

Income & Expense Declaration-FL-150.pdf

At-Issue Memorandum.doc

Notice of Entry of Judgment-FL-190.pdf




Child Custody & Visitation Order-FL-341.pdf

Attachment 7.e(4)-MC-025.pdf

Supervised Visitation Order-FL-341(A).pdf

Child Abduction Prevention Order-FL-341(B).pdf

Children's Holiday Schedule-FL-341(C).pdf

Physical Custody Attachment-FL-341(D).pdf

Legal Custody Attachment-FL-341(E).pdf

Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider-FL-324.pdf

Notice of Rights & Responsibilities-FL-192.pdf

Child Support Order-FL-342.pdf

Child Support Order-Non-Guideline Attach-FL-342(A).pdf

Non guideline child support statement-MC-031.pdf

Order-Notice to Withhold Income-FL-195.pdf

How to Complete Order-Notice to Withhold Income.pdf

Spousal Support Order-FL-343.pdf

Attachment-MC-025-att 3.e.pdf

Property and Debts Order-FL-345.pdf

Attachment 1.c. -MC-025.pdf

Attachment 1.d. -MC-025.pdf

Attachment 2.c. -MC-025.pdf

Attachment 2.d. -MC-025.pdf

Attachment 4.a. -MC-025.pdf

Attachment 4.b. -MC-025.pdf

Proof of Service by Mail-FL-335.pdf

Proof of Personal Service-FL-330.pdf

Declaration Regarding Service of Decl. of Disclosure-FL-141.pdf

Trial Exhibit List.doc

Spousal Support Declaration-FL-157.pdf


Declaration Attachment-MC-031.pdf

Witness List-FL-321.pdf


Proof of Service by Mail-Trial Exhibit List-FL-335.pdf

Proof of Personal Service-Trial Exhibit List-FL-330.pdf

Self-Help Center

Instructions on completing the forms, service & filing.doc

     Detailed information on how to complete the forms, arranging for service on your spouse, filing the documents at the court, and preparing for trial.